All international shipments are handled by DHL Express. International customers will receive a notification detailing your tracking ID once DHL Express is in possession of your package. Use the calculator in the checkout section to calculate the shipping cost. The price does not include VAT or customs clearance fees. European customers should note that Norway, where Pladask Elektrisk is based, is not a member of the European Union. Domestic (Norwegian) shipments are handled by the Norwegian Postal Service and cost 70 NOK. Domestic customers will receive their tracking ID from For further information on domestic purchases go here.


Our store utilizes checkout through PayPal, credit card (through Stripe) and direct bank transfer. If these methods doesn’t suit you please contact, and we will try to find an alternative checkout solution. If you reside in Norway please read this before placing your order. Please note that for non-dispute cases (e.g. regretting a impulse purchase) transaction fees are not refundable. These funds are “confiscated” by the bank on arrival. 


The illustration might deviate from unit to unit. The product images are for illustrative purposes only. Although not all product images reflect this we’re in the process of changing the material for all pedal faceplates to aluminum with silkscreened graphics.

Return Policy:

Unfortunately we do not offer returns on our products. We will however repair any warranted malfunctioning Pladask Elektrisk product. Read more here: Warranty