How can I buy FABRIKAT?

To buy FABRIKAT you must enter the waiting list.

When will “Pedal X” be back in stock?

All pedal re-stocks (except FABRIKAT) will be announced via the newsletter. We currently intend to re-stock TÅKEN, ROMFERD, BAKVENDT, MATRISE and FABRIKAT.

How do I buy “Pedal X”?

All pedals except FABRIKAT can be bought through the webstore. A “heads up” newsletter will be sent prior to pedal re-stocking.

Do you sell FORM2 pedals?

No. FORM2 or future versions of the pedal is only available through our workshop series hosted by BandOrg. New workshop dates will be announced through our newsletter as well as through the BandOrg website.

When will there be more FORM2 workshops?

Autumn 2019. Dates aren’t set yet.

Do you take custom orders? Do you build clones? Can you modify my pedal?

No, no and no.

How can I receive the latest “Pladask Elektrisk” news?

By joining the newsletter. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram or visit the Pladask Elektrisk forum over at IloveFuzz.

How much does shipping cost?

  • Norway with tracking : 149 NOK
  • Europe with tracking : 41 USD
  • Europe without tracking : 18 USD
  • Worldwide with tracking : 45 USD
  • Worldwide without tracking: 22 USD

Do I have to pay import tax for my package?

This depends on your country. We advice that you contact your country’s customs office for the current rates. EU citizens remember: Norway is not a part of the European Union.

Can you set the value of my package to 10 USD so I don’t have to pay import taxes?